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Return To Work Project - WorkSafe Victoria


Tania Ivanka, Dr Nifeli Stewart, Dr Neal Haslem

Project partners:
Dr Richard Cooney, Department of Management
Monash University

The Context:
WorkSafe have been very successful in their injury prevention strategies. Workplace injury rates have fallen in Victoria and are now among the lowest in Australia.

Return To Work (RTW) for those suffering an injury, however, has not seen much improvement. The focus is now on improving RTW rates

The Research
Getting employees back to work within 3 months of injury is critical. After this time employees become disengaged. There are health effects of this (recovery is delayed) and psycho-social well-being is diminished. It also becomes harder to return to the labour market with consequent effects upon economic security.

Research has identified some key factors in successful RTW:

BUT, how are these best implemented in organizations? What policies, procedures and actions make this work?

This Project
This research has entailed 8 case studies of organizations with robust RTW systems which are reflected in good RTW performance. The object is to discover how they make it work.

Key findings: