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Designing Future Cities of Care


In June 2016, the Design Futures Lab at RMIT hosted an interdisciplinary exploration of the ways in which we can design 'cities of care' for the future. In this conversation, the term 'city' refers to geospatial locations of dense inhabitation. The term 'care' is used here in a broad sense; we propose that within the context of a city it is possible to have economies of care, cultures of care (social/cultural or creative), infrastructure of care (services or things), and communities of care. In this invitational symposium, we embrace the speculative, critical and reflective contexts of design practice, particularly as it relates to the manifestation of cities and the experiences of their inhabitants. Participants present empirical case studies of examples of care in the city, and propositions for what a future city of care might be.

Participants were Abby Lopes (in absentia), Ann Light, Anna Farago, Brad Haylock, Cameron Tonkinwise, Danilo Di Mascio, Jordan Lacey, Juan Sanin, Katherine Moline, Laurene Vaughan, Leah Heiss , Melissa Duque, Neal Haslem, Noel Waite, Rachel Clarke, Rosie Scott, Sarah Pink , Shana Agid, Shanti Sumartojo, Simon Bowen, Suzie Attiwill and Yoko Akama

9 June 2016, RMIT City Campus