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Symposia on the Future of Design for Publishing


Assoc. Professor Brad Haylock

Presented in 2016 by National Gallery of Victoria’s Melbourne Art Book Fair in conjunction with the RMIT Design Futures Lab, the second International Symposium on the Future of Design for Publishing featured leading international and local speakers discussing new genres in publishing.

Speakers included Na Kim, designer (Korea); Freek Lomme, publisher and curator, Onomatopee (The Netherlands); David Blamey, publisher, Open Editions (United Kingdom); Sophy Williams, Senior Rights Executive, Black Inc.; James Langdon, designer/researcher, Eastside Projects (United Kingdom) and Fayen d’Evie, publisher, 3-ply (Melbourne).

The second International Symposium on the Future of Design for Publishing was supported by the Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund.

The first International Symposium in 2015 on the Art of Independent Publishing investigated the contribution that independent publishing can make to the future of the cultural sector.

The symposium considered both the significance of publishing for artistic practice and the significance of publishing as practice. The symposium addressed: the importance of independent publishing as a platform for art criticism and discourse; the role of graphic design in the dissemination of independent publishing projects; and the impact of contemporary hybrid practices that cross the traditional boundaries of art, design and publishing.

The speakers were: Stuart Bailey, a UK-based designer who is one half of the duo Dexter Sinister and co-editor of the bi-annual publication Bulletins of The Serving Library; Helen Hughes, Melbourne-based co-founder and co-editor of the contemporary art journal Discipline; Ziga Testen, a Melbourne-based designer who has worked on numerous books for artists, arts institutions and independent publishers; and Eleanor Vonne Brown, founder of the London-based independent publishing project space and bookshop X marks the Bökship. Individual speakers’ papers were followed by a panel discussion that drew the audience into the conversation.

The symposium was convened by Brad Haylock and was presented by the RMIT Design Futures Lab with the support of the Ian Potter Foundation and RMIT School of Media & Communication, as a part of the inaugural Melbourne Art Book Fair at the National Gallery of Victoria.